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DUROCK® Cement Board Next Gen

durock-cement-board-next-genDUROCK® cement board Next Gen is a water-durable, mold-resistant panel for use under tile and other finishes in a variety of interior and exterior applications. It builds on more than 25 years of success of traditional DUROCK® Cement Board, the industry standard for performance and reliability.

This next generation of DUROCK cement board offers improved performance and productivity than its predecessor, installing 20% faster while weighing 25% less.

DUROCK cement board Next Gen scores and snaps easily, installing quickly with DUROCK® Screws, self-drilling fasteners, or nails.

DUROCK cement board Next Gen is moisture and mold resistant and does not deteriorate, swell, soften, decay, delaminate, or disintegrate in the presence of water, making it the perfect choice for baths, showers, kitchens, and laundry rooms. It is also suitable for exterior applications, including fences, mobile home skirting, agricultural buildings, garage wainscoting, and exterior finishes.

The board is non-combustible and can be used in a variety of fire-rated designs. Its low thermaland hygrometric expansion help prevent finish cracking.

DUROCK cement board Next Gen includes a wind load rating of 30 PSF and is UL Classified for fire performance. It offers a 30-year transferable warranty for interior applications and a 10-year transferable warranty for exterior applications.